Bryony Ladybird

mating Bryony Ladybirds
Mating Bryony Ladybirds

Henosepilachna argus

Where the White Bryony (Bryonia dioica) grows, the Bryony Ladybird (Henosepilachna argus) can also be found. It lives on the poisonous climbers and feeds on their leaves. It is also reported to colonise other cucurbits. However, I have never seen it on courgette or cucumber plants in the garden.

Bryony Ladybird eating the leaf of a Bryony
A Bryony Ladybird eating the leaf of a White Bryony.

The Bryony Ladybird likes it warm, its distribution area is in Central and Southern Europe, reaching as far as North Africa and temperate Asia. Here in the region where the climate is mild, it is quite common, with several beetles living on almost every White Bryony.

It can be easily distinguished from other European ladybirds by its orange head shield.

Henosepilachna argus grows between 6 and 8 millimetres long.

Henosepilachna argus

Bryony Ladybird Henosepilachna argus

The wings of the Bryony Ladybird
The wings of the Bryony Ladybird