Domestic pigeon

Domestic pigeon breeding on a balcony
Domestic pigeon breeding on a balcony.

Columba livia domestica

The domestic pigeon is often called the rat of the air. But it behaves in a very human way. Anyone who has ever been to a highway rest area will be able to confirm that we also like to shit everything. Moreover, pigeon couples often stay together for life. But they can also be open to swapping partners.

I live in a flat with large windows, so I have a good view of the neighbouring roofs, where many domestic pigeons cavort every day. I can hear them too. Their constant cooing reminds me of the chatter of our politicians on the talk shows.

courting pigeons
Courting pigeons

It is our own fault that the domestic pigeon has become a problem. Not only because we have bred them and optimised their reproduction. Pairs are said to be able to breed up to six times a year (source). But also because we think we are doing the birds good by feeding them leftover bread.

dead domestic pigeon
This is how many people prefer to see the domestic pigeon. As do some corvids, which also feed on carrion.